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Day #52: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Loving my new normal

May 8, 2020


Claire passes the time by cuddling with her kitten, Marley.

Unlike most of the people in my life, I’m still enjoying quarantine. I know I’m a crazy person, but I am really appreciating all of this extra time to do all of the things I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had time to.  

With the majority of my time, I have been reading excessively. Most of the books I have read are not ones I would typically read, but, when I’m finishing a book in two days, it doesn’t really matter. During normal times, I barely have enough time to read two books each month, but I can now read two to three books every week, so I’m very grateful for this time. If you’re looking for a really long good book, I would recommend Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. 

I’m extremely disappointed with the state of the United States right now. The fact that states are trying to open when this pandemic is nowhere near over upsets me deeply. If people aren’t going to listen to the government or every other country in the world, the CDC is definitely the most qualified organization to get information from, yet some people still choose to ignore the experts.

Moving on, I have become nocturnal. I see the sunrise most mornings, and I struggle to wake up for 1:00 pm Zooms. My reasoning is that if I’m ever going to be up all night, now is for sure the time to do it. I understand when my parents are upset when I have a sleep schedule like this during normal summers, but I have no reason to be on society’s schedule right now. It’s not like I’ll be going anywhere for at least the next couple of weeks, so I’m living my dream. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. When I’m awake later than everyone else and find myself in complete silence, I find my inner peace. 

I can deal with the quarantine for a while longer, but I am so done with e-learning. During normal times, I consider myself to be a motivated student, but I would not consider myself anything close to that right now. Any shortcut I can take, I definitely do. I’m very grateful that J.B. saved me with the whole 60% rule, and I’m grateful that I have the resources to be successful in e-learning times, but I feel kind of guilty for not trying my hardest. In the beginning, I was definitely doing 100% of the work with full effort, but I’m having trouble seeing the point now that we know that we’re not going back to school. I understand why AP classes have to continue at full-speed, but I don’t get it for classes that don’t continue into another course. Teachers are doing everything they can, but I’ve been struck with laziness.

Until further notice, you can expect to find me in my house reading and watching tv with a cat on my lap. I’m curious to see what the world will look like after this whole shebang is over. I hope that society as a whole will learn to appreciate essential workers and will understand why people need to make a living wage. People tend to dislike change, but maybe this whole process will make the transition to a more supportive and accepting society easier. 

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