Rioters make their way to Riverside-Brookfield area

June 4, 2020

Monday June 1st, rioters and looters were seen damaging stores and businesses amidst the recent outrage of the death of George Floyd.

North Riverside, Riverside, Brookfield, and many of the other surrounding towns issued a curfew when rioters began to loot the local stores.

The most prominent areas the looters were seen at were in the Cermak Plaza, North Riverside Mall, and Target in Broadview.

Junior, Angelo Hernandez, witnessed the looting happening as he drove by the areas.

“I witnessed a guy come out of Best Buy. He came out with a drone,” said Hernandez, “I then saw him get chased by 3 cops with assault rifles and he got tased.”

The looting did not stop there though.

“People were trying to break into the Gamestop and loot the places but the cops were there before it could escalate,” Hernandez said.

The cops began to close down streets and heavily watch over the areas before any of it could escalate further, they continued for the next two days to be careful.

Now, cops are beginning to act more vigilant and observant in order to prevent another looting outbreak.

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