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RB students compare remote learning to returning in-person

September 15, 2021


Carmen Guerrero

Students working and studying in the library.

Riverside Brookfield High School welcomed their students back to a full learning day on August 16th. Many students have not been in the building for a full day since winter of 2020, some students had to complete their first year as high schoolers online. 84% of students said they enjoyed in-person learning more than online, 16% said otherwise.

A lot of students are having a rough time adjusting to the schedule, which is back to the original 8:00 A.M. to 3:05 P.M.

“The challenge for me was to have to wake up that early, get out of bed and get ready to go to school, as well as having 50 minute classes instead of last year’s class time.” Kylie Campbell said, a senior here at Riverside Brookfield. 

Now that students are adjusted to the schedules everyone seems to be back to normal, but others are still struggling to adjust to the educational part of the school day, because of the effect online took on all of the student body at Riverside Brookfield.

“During online classes it was hard to stay motivated because I was just locked in my room, but now that we’re here at school I’m able to be surrounded by my friends and others,” Maddie Janis said, a senior at Riverside Brookfield.

In today’s society, we have all the technology to make learning easier on students during online classes, but do the students feel like they’re benefiting from online learning? “I feel like during online learning, a lot of people thought it was optional because our teachers weren’t in front of us and  they weren’t checking in on everything like they would do in person,” said Campbell.

Even though there are some regulations in place still at Riverside Brookfield because of COVID-19, many students still prefer in-person classes.

“Even though it’s a struggle to get up in the morning, seeing people makes my day a whole lot better,” Janis said.

Students have significantly done better during in-person classes due to all of the hands-on experiences they’re getting as well as a real life connection with their instructors, classmates, and their own education. 

Although everyone seems to enjoy in-person a lot more, there are some factors people are missing from online learning. “I miss waking up later, classes being easier, and being able to have certain freedoms during online classes” Janis said. 

While online, many had flexible schedules, more study time, and no commute (which may be a struggle for some students). In person still beats online because now students are able to have interactions face to face, more in class direction, no more wifi issues, and more materials available for use. Either way, Riverside Brookfield is happy to welcome students back to a somewhat normal school year.

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