Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs

Billy Kraft

AP Computer Science A

Students that are interested in the future of coding and the programming language Java should take AP Computer Science A. This course walks through the many tools and techniques that are involved with the Java programming language as well as getting well acquainted with the general flow of coding. Expect to be working hands-on to design, write, and test programs that can solve real-world problems and accomplish tasks big and small. It’s most certainly a step up compared to the other course, AP Computer Science Principles so it’s generally suggested to take AP CSP first. While both classes helped me realize that I wanted to do something with computers and programming in the future, AP CSA is really helping in preparing me for the type of work and style of teaching that will be employed at the college level. A lot of the work will be long projects where you spend multiple days or weeks working on a code to perform a certain task. As long as you manage your time wisely and ask for help right when you need it, the workload should become very manageable. For any student that wants a head start in their possible coding career and to hone their skills in coding, AP Computer Science A is a no-brainer.

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