Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs

Billy Kraft

AP Computer Science Principles

If you are planning on majoring in something that involves computer science, I highly recommend taking AP Computer Science Principles. This course doesn’t have an insane workload, so it is a great way to get introduced to what taking an AP class is like. In addition, this class is a great introduction to the world of coding. You will learn how to code in Python which is much easier than some other coding languages like Java, Ruby, or PHP. The course work is much easier than the work you would receive in AP Computer Science A. The AP test is also very manageable, and it is not too difficult, so the chances of  receiving college credit is pretty high. The AP test has two parts, the multiple choice part and your Create Task. The Create Task requires you to make a code that has a number of required tasks. For example, when I made my Create Task, one of the requirements was that I had to have two places in my code that used user inputs. You are allowed to work on this in class and at home, which is nice because you are able to ask questions and get help, which is rare for an AP test. Lots of colleges and businesses love to see applicants who have at least a little bit of experience in coding, so taking this class would also make you more marketable to colleges and future employers.

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