AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science is a college-level course available for students who are interested in environmental health and sciences. Throughout the course students focus on: ecology, ecosystems, populations, biodiversity, and many other natural sciences. During the class, students research many case studies, as well as performing many labs that all focus on certain environmental concepts. The class is about many environmental issues, health, and sciences. Students in the class try to come up with plenty of solutions to reverse some roles of climate change, which is a big topic focused on in this AP course. Going into the course is typically brand new because besides biology there is really no other way to prepare or apply prior knowledge to it, this makes the class even more engaging and interesting. In the course, students mainly take notes where they learn all of their material and with the help of College Board, they also get to test their knowledge. Difficulty level is on the medium side, the class does have a ton of work throughout the week, including Edpuzzles, College Board, and sometimes labs and case studies. This class is quite interesting if you are interested in helping with some of our environmental crises too, it can help open your eyes to the world around us, all while providing us with the knowledge we need to help our planet.

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