Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs

Billy Kraft

AP European History

AP European History is good for students who want to pursue history classes in college or who are very interested in how history affected Europe. This class is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors and is categorized as an elective course. The course covers the history from around 1450 to the present day. Typically, the unit starts with contextualization and connections to the previous chapter. Throughout the rest of the unit, there is a lot of analysis of primary sources and note-taking from slideshows. There are many¬† partner discussions around the assignments and some group work. In terms of homework, there are notes to take from the textbook almost every night as well as some occasional short Edpuzzles. Units last around 4 weeks with a few open note quizzes and a unit test at the end. Unit tests typically have 25 questions with a three part short answer question. Students will experience a 10% grade raise due to them being graded on the AP scale. Summative assessments make up 70% of a student’s grade with formative assessments making up the remaining 30%. Formative assessments are not due until the end of the unit, but it is better for time management purposes to complete them when they are assigned. The class also prepares students for the AP exam at the end of the year. This is accomplished by practicing many DBQs, LEQs, and SAQs as well as timed multiple choice questions. There are also two weeks dedicated to review before the AP test. It is very helpful with preparation for college history classes and is good for earning college credits. Students with good time management and comprehension skills will do well in this class.

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