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Billy Kraft

AP Micro/Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are two courses that are taken together over the course of one year, and are usually the first AP courses that a student is encouraged to take at RB. As a result, it’s also one of the first courses that students truly struggle with. For some students, the economic concepts in class come naturally and make sense without needing to complete extra assignments and spend time outside of class on the course. However, many students will also find the coursework to be extremely challenging in a way that is unlike any other course that they have taken before. Regardless of difficulty level, AP Micro/Macro is a class that explores real-life concepts such as the stock market and the FTC, supply and demand in markets, and how exports and imports affect the economy. It’s extremely interesting to be able to see exactly how our society functions on a global scale through the lens of an economist, and teaches you skills that you can carry with you throughout your life regardless of whether or not you end up pursuing economics further. We all have to participate in the economy, and understanding exactly how our economy works is essential to thriving in a connected modern world. Generally, the teacher begins by introducing the concept through notes and then by having students complete worksheets and partner assignments before completing a test. Unlike many other AP courses that I’ve taken, my teacher didn’t require students to complete worksheets outside of class if they received a grade higher than 90% on the last test taken due to the fact that, for some students, it is unnecessary to complete them as they already understand the content. Therefore, it was only students who needed the extra practice who were penalized for not completing the worksheets. Grades are weighted by 10% due to the difficulty of the course, and are primarily based off of test scores. Every unit included a free response question portion as well as a multiple choice portion. Speed is valued higher than ensuring every answer is correct due to the fact that the AP test itself is timed and usually does not allow students the luxury of spending extra time on especially difficult problems. Out of all the courses I’ve taken in my high school career, AP Micro/Macro was one of my favorites. It fulfills graduation requirements and is extremely fun to learn about. With time, AP Micro/Macro can go from a daunting first AP class to an interesting and thought-provoking course.

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