Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs

Sofia Ortiz

AP Physics


*No Clarion staff members have taken this course. RB Senior and AP Physics student John Paul Hanley was interviewed to attain information on the class.

What is your workload like?

The Workload isn’t too bad, there’s homework every couple nights, the assignments aren’t too tough.

How is this class in comparison to honors physics?

It was a big step up, it was a lot harder than honors. If you are not in honors Physics I wouldn’t recommend taking it. If you really liked Physics take it. It is a big step up in work and difficulty.

Why did you choose to take this class?

I took the class because in the future I want to be an engineer so I have to take a lot of physics courses in my future. I might as well start now.

Do you recommend this course to those who are thinking about taking it?

I think students should take it because it challenges you, it’s kind of hard but it will prepare you well for college.

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