Billy Kraft

AP Psychology

AP Psychology is taught by Angela Ziola, and is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In AP Psych, students will explore the ideas, theories, and methods of psychology. If you choose to take this course, you will study the behavior of the mind and mental processes through taking notes, watching videos, reading, and discussion. The workload in this class is not a lot. We are assigned to read the textbook modules, fill out one vocab worksheet for each unit, and once or twice a unit we read an article and have to summarize it. Personally, completing this amount of homework is not difficult. Every day, we take notes pertaining to each unit, and complete fun, engaging worksheets that allow for class discussion. We also watch videos of studies being done by real psychologists and psychiatrists. Along with the material we learn in class, Mrs. Ziola prepares us for the AP exam through FRQ practice, and by taking our Unit Tests that prepare us for possible questions we could be asked on the real exam. I enjoy this class a lot, and it is one of my favorite classes I am taking this year. Everyday I learn new things about the human mind that I find fascinating and applicable to everyday life. The pass rate for the AP exam in 2020 was 71.3%. If you are looking to take a class that you will learn a lot from educationally and intellectually, and you also want to earn possible college credit, I recommend taking AP Psychology.

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