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Billy Kraft

AP Statistics

AP Statistics is exactly what it sounds like, a math class revolving around the study of statistics. This is a fairly fast-paced course, with units normally lasting no more than 3 weeks, typically containing at least one quiz and ending with a test. A week in stats normally starts with notes on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a partner assignment on wednesday, a work day on Thursday and a quiz on Friday. While quizzes can sometimes be surprisingly difficult, partner assignments and weekly homework provide plenty of opportunities to keep grades afloat in a class where all points are weighted equally. Although students should expect two or three homework assignments weekly in Stats, the workload isn’t as heavy as it appears. Assignments are normally handed out a few days before the due date, and students will find plenty of time to work on them during class. Word problems are abundant in Stats; students who are interested in sports may find themselves easily engaged in the class, as athletic situations lend themselves to the concepts quite easily. Expect to hear a lot about mean and standard deviation if you take stats, as most units will see you find these using different equations with different numbers in different situations. I entered Stats from the regular track, having taken Algebra 2 my Junior year, despite this I have not found the class to be particularly challenging. As long as students are willing to pay attention during notes, complete assignments on time and study for assessments, they will find AP Statistics to be a perfectly approachable advanced math class.

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