Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs

Billy Kraft

AP United States History

AP US History is a very popular class that most people take their Junior year. This course takes you through American history starting from the very beginning all the way through current events happening in America. This course has a very heavy workload with a multitude of writing assignments and multiple choice tests. In addition to these assignments you will also have writing assignments that are meant to start preparing you for the AP test. The APUSH AP test is not easy. With a 53.4% pass rate, if you are choosing to take this course, make sure you are prepared to start studying for the AP test pretty much immediately. The AP test consists of a multiple choice section, a DBQ, and some FRQ questions. I recommend getting a workbook to help you prepare for the test. Lots of APUSH teachers recommend getting the Barron’s APUSH textbook. This book has a lot of resources, from summaries of all the chapters, to practice writing prompts and multiple choice questions. I highly recommend taking this course. It helps you fill out some graduation requirements, and if you take it seriously you could definitely earn college credit.

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