Bea Spidale

What am I grateful for? The pretty obvious response to this very simple question would be family or friends, and yes, I would have to say they are what I am most grateful for, but that is overused and has become quite the cliché response. I also don’t believe I would be able to express the true level of gratitude I have for them. Instead, I would have to say something I am incredibly grateful for is music. Music has always been incredibly important to me, and its presence was evident in my home growing up. My entire life, I have been surrounded by great music and loads of knowledge about the music industry. From a young age, I started collecting vinyl and creating little playlists for every occasion. I spent a lot of time looking through my dad’s jaw-dropping collection of records and begging for him to take me to thrift stores to find parts for my record player. I spent copious hours watching documentaries on the greats such as Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, The Who, The Velvet Underground, and Bob Dylan. The main reason I fell in love with music was that it allowed me to connect with others easily and express how I am feeling when it was difficult to say so myself. It also gave my dad and me something to bond over and discuss. The world of music is so vast, like a huge library. I love knowing that there is so much out there to discover.

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