Madison Lester

My favorite restaurant is certainly something I will be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Casa Bella is an Italian restaurant located in Little Italy, New York. I have spent numerous Thanksgivings at this restaurant, and the food is always impeccable. Every year the Thanksgiving menu is made to perfection and resembles the typical Thanksgiving feast flavors. One of my favorite items on the Thanksgiving menu is the ravioli that I have ordered a few times. I also enjoy the rigatoni alla vodka, and from someone who considers themselves a rigatoni enthusiast, Casa Bella exceeds my expectations. Not only is the food stellar, the waiters are always very kind and welcoming. The restaurant has a home-like vibe; however, the food elevates the entire ambiance. If you ever find yourself in New York, remember to check out Casa Bella for some delicious food and a positive atmosphere.

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