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Claire Harrison

Claire Harrison

Life is all about stories. You have a story, your friends have a story, and every action you take becomes part of someone else’s story.

I first took Clarion on a whim. I liked writing, thought it sounded fun, and had space in my schedule for an elective. The minute I walked into our old dark lab, I knew this was something different. Mr. Helgeson’s attitude toward positive student outcomes and the intense skill of the editors intrigued me and excited me in a way few other things have.

I have spent the past four years working my way up the ladder, from trusted staff member to Editor to Managing Editor of Print Media. Every moment has truly been a joy, and I’m so grateful for my time here. I have learned lessons about writing but more importantly about how to be a good person. The guidance of the people here is unrivaled, and I believe that Clarion changed my life.

Four years after a 13-year-old me walked into that lab that was impossible to find, I am committed to attend Syracuse University with a major in Magazine, News, and Digital Journalism.

A choice I thought insignificant at the time has turned out to be the greatest one I have ever made. If I had taken another course, my story would be different. Because of this choice, I get to tell other people’s stories, through the greatest joys and toughest moments. This is my dream, and because of Clarion, I get to live it.

Just remember, whatever happens is part of your story. You might be in the rising action that feels so wrong, but the resolution will always make sense. Trust yourself, and trust the process.

It’s been a great four years, and thank you to everyone who has read my work and encouraged me to pursue this as a career. I owe my success to all of the other characters in my story.

For the last time: Claire Harrison… out.

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