Saints Row 4 brings on the humor

It might get a little bit silly, but Saints Row 4 has a lot to offer.  The laughs are just the start.

It might get a little bit silly, but Saints Row 4 has a lot to offer. The laughs are just the start.

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

You’ve finally done it, you’re at the top of the world. Saints Row 4 doesn’t just make you some street urchin gang banger.  You have become the president of America and it’s your time to rule!

Saints Row 4 continues the story of  “the boss” of the street gang the Third Street Saints. It starts off with you traveling by Blackhawk, a kind of military helicopter, to an insertion point to finish some business from the last game.  After that it’s right back to the White House to making some very presidential decisions about whether to cure cancer or solve world hunger.  While they are meaningless choices, they do add humor. All the main Characters from Saints Row the Third are part of your cabinet and even some old faces from the original Saints Row like Ben King.  It also features Keith David as his own character and your Vice President. Keith David voiced Julius the former leader of the Saints and voiced other characters like the Arbiter from Halo, Captain Anderson from Mass Effect, and Sergeant Foley from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After you enter the conference room, of all the things that could happen, an alien race called the Zin rip off the roof of the White House and start taking prisoners and causing mass chaos. As the leader you are, you decide to fight back instead of giving in. When that fails and you end up a prisoner to the Zin, that’s when the fun really starts.

This game, overall, exceeded my expectations. When I first heard that this game would take place in a simulation where you have superpowers and that you were the President of the United States, I thought that was taking things too far and that your losing what the game was all about, leading your street gang from the bottom to the top. It was the total opposite.  Sure, they had all the down right ridiculous features in it, but in a fun way that just makes you laugh constantly with stuff like dubstep guns that fire explosive “wubs” at people or a gun that expands people’s body parts until they explode.  However, the game makers also kept the storyline very riveting and engaging.  While some of the parts are not great, the plot does give you the same feeling that  all Saints Row games give.

It’s a pretty long game also, taking about 20 hours to complete all the missions while still only being 80% done. It also brings back some characters from past Saints Row games like Julius, Gat, and Mareo. It’s also an open world free roam game, so even after competing it you can still play and have fun. You don’t have to play the other three games to understand this storyline either.  It helps to know but you can understand the game without prior knowledge.

The only problem, in my view, is the redundancy.  It seems you do a lot of the same goals five or six times but then again all games in the Saints Row series have that problem. My opinion of this game is it’s a must play of any Saints Row fan and really any gamer should at least try the game.  It is funny, long, and crazy, and will leave almost anyone laughing for months.