Tonight Alive shows The Other Side of their band

Kiera Donnamario, Staff Reporter

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Tonight Alive has definitely made their improvements as a band since their first EP, All Shapes and Disguises, back in 2008. The Australian quintet may have had a small start here in America but have now made their mark and are here to stay. With a female vocalist, they can easily be compared Paramore, since they sound similar, but there is a good line between the two bands. Tonight Alive’s music definitely has a bit more edge to it, but they have that balance that makes them pop punk.

Their new album, The Other Side, has been highly anticipated since it’s announcement at the beginning of the summer. For only being Tonight Alive’s sophomore album it’s definitely a step up. It opens with the album’s first single, titled “The Ocean”, has that upbeat tempo but the heavy guitar gives it a darker element. As the album progresses down the very well placed track list,  almost as if it’s telling a story. From break-ups, to songs about picking yourself up off the ground, to showcasing the talent of each member of the band, each song has a unique way of displaying it.

Personally, my favorite track on the album is the seventh track, “Complexes”. Through a mini web series released before the album, lead singer Jenna McDougall has explained that this song touches on the need to feel accepted by everyone. It can go for a romantic relationship or just friendships in general. The lyrics for the song are like a cry for help and the emotion within the lyrics could really speak to a listener. Listening to it, it flows nicely, having softer, sweet melodies in the verse. As you listen, the chorus becomes heavier with guitar, bringing out the hidden emotion in the plea for help. It gives off the vibe that when stuck in a sticky situation, you can brush it off and keep on going.

The one thing I was not too fond of was how two of the tracks were placed. If the ninth track, “Bathwater”, and the 11th track, “Say Please”, were switched around, I feel like the last few songs could have flowed just a bit more nicely.

Overall I’d say the album was a huge success. It definitely hit the standards fans who were anticipating it. I’m excited to see what Tonight Alive has in store for the future, and this album is definitely something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. If you’re into bands like Paramore and Fall Out Boy, I’d give Tonight Alive at least a chance.

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Kiera Donnamario, Public Relations Editor
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Tonight Alive shows The Other Side of their band