The Fall of Five rises to the moment

The Fall of Five rises to the moment

Robby Filec, Features Editor

The much anticipated sequel in the Lorien Legacies is here, The Fall of Five. In the latest installment of the teen alien, mind moving, number counting series, many things have changed. Those who are left of the Lorien Garde have united, all but Number Five that is, who is leaving behind all sorts of signals and is clearly panicked and unsure what to do. The others have to find him or her before the Mogadorians do, it is vital that they join forces. The Garde’s legacies have become more honed and are training in Nine’s lavish penthouse on top of the John Hancock Building. They realize after almost losing their battle with the Mogadorian leader Setrakus Ra, they need to work as a team.

Now they have started fighting their battles together, but will they be able to win the war?

This book is truly very different than the other I Am Number Four books. John Smith or (Number 4,) has become the leader of the remaining Loriens, and is struggling with choices and is not sure of what to do. He is torn between staying and building up the team’s strength, or hitting the Mogs while they are weaker. Being a leader and realizing what a struggle it can be puts the book in a different light, it is more organized and there isn’t as much running around from place to place.

Spoiler alert!!

There is the introduction of Malcolm Goode, Sam’s long lost father. He becomes an honorary Cepan, which can be a bad thing, considering all of the Cepans have died. He is very helpful and brings along what memories he had of what happened in captivity of the Mogs. Not all the secrets are revealed in this book, but certain questions are answered, and more questions are created. I enjoyed very much the introduction of this character because I feel a character of that sort was needed. A character who is an adult type figure who may not know everything, but can guide the Garde when they need it, because while they are intelligent and have a grip on the situation, they still need help and guidance.

One thing I would recommend to do before you read this is to read the books that explain what happens before or in between the main entries in the series. Like in the Search for Sam, it shows how Malcolm is found and why certain things happened in the other books. While you find out eventually and can figure out why certain things happened how they did, it makes life easier to have the prior knowledge.

I am not going to give away the ending, but that is the one part I was frustrated with. I did not see it coming nor did I find it necessary. While what happened would have been ok if it happened in later books, I don’t feel it had a place in this book.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you read this book if you have read the prior books, or read the prior books and then read this one if you haven’t read the other books. I would give it a 9 out of 10, just because of the flawed ending in my opinion.

I’ll be back after I get back from my trip to the John Hancock Building to work on my telekinesis technique.