Titanfall features six-team shootout madness

Titanfall features six-team shootout madness

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

Titanfall is unlike any first person shooter to date. With teams of six battling it out to see who can come out with the win, battles are chaotic to say the least.

Each match is started with some form of cinematic in a drop ship and after about five seconds, players are dropped out the side or back onto the battlefield and that’s where is all goes down. Once on the ground, players get their first taste of what this game runs on: ¬†chaos. Players drop in and are surrounded by game controlled AI Grunts, which are normal human foot-soldiers; “Specters”, which are robotic foot soldiers; and Titans, which are the huge battle suits that a player, or pilot as the game refers to them, can get. With six pilots and about 15-20 AI’s it’s crazy just at the beginning, then the real fun starts. Pilots have five minutes total until they can call their Titan the first time to battle. Every kill you get makes the timer go down, so the more points you get the faster you can get your awesome mech suit. Titans are a very unique piece of equipment they are like a second skin for the player, controls are exactly the same and everything, just with the added benefit of you being in a huge robotic death machine!

Teams fight for different objectives depending on the game type but the Attrition mode is the most basic. Attrition is just team death match, different characters are worth different points, anything AI controlled is worth one point, pilots are worth four points, and titans are worth multiple depending on the damage dealt to it. At the end of the mission the game declares who’s won and who’s lost like every other game, but here’s where Titanfall shines again, and starts the mission’s epilogue. Pilots, if defeated, must race to get to their drop ship to leave the battlefield within 40 seconds and, on the flip side, if your team won, you must kill all the other pilots. All respawning for both teams stops at this point and it becomes a battle of strategy.

This game is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, Xbox One game I’ve played to date, and I’ve played almost every game they have to offer. The game is so simple on the surface and seems really user friendly, but if you want it to be complicated you can dive right in and try to immerse yourself in it. Levels are all really unique, all of them are set in very different places so every game feels like a different experience. The graphics, with next generation console capabilities, are almost to die for. The campaign of the game tells a great story while still putting you in a 6v6 multiplayer match and it brings an overall very unique idea.

Overall, this game is a must play for any gamer that owns a Microsoft system, since it’s being released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, and especially anyone bored with the same old Call of Duty shooters. This game breathes new life into a genre that needed help to be saved from redundancy.