Destiny revolutionizes first person shooters

Meshes classic form with massive multiplayer

Destiny revolutionizes first person shooters

Cameron Yarger, A&E Editor

Destiny has been a title in the gaming industry everyone has heard about almost taking a larger than life appeal and it by far lives up to those standards. Destiny was made and published by Bungie a company almost any gamer will know from the original Halo trilogy and helping to make Call of Duty in recent years. It’s centered around our solar system in the future after humans visit mars and find the Traveler, a huge white orb that gives humans powers called “the light”. Once it was found it started to protect humanity from the dark forces that come in the form of three different races, The Fallen, The Vex, and The Cabal. The Traveler fell silent soon after going to earth and even though it’s silent it protects humanity’s last safe city on earth, while the forces of light, Guardians as they’re called,  try their hardest to re-awaken the Traveler and save humanity.

Destiny is a game unlike any other in the gaming world. Bungie has taken a first person shooter type game and made it into a mass multiplayer game that puts so much emphasis on community with your fellow gamer and having fun together. The game was released on the platforms of Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 and it has the ability to transfer your content from one generation of console to the next and back. So say you’re playing on an Xbox 360 your progress and character will transfer over to your Xbox One when you play it. Any progress made on your Xbox One will also be transferred back when you go back on your Xbox 360.  This feature is a great step in the right direction for cross console generation games.

The graphics in this game are beautiful to say the least and with so many dynamically different settings you play through you really get a sense of amazement while playing. Destiny is set a bit in the future but in our solar system players go to different planets that we’re all familiar with like Venus, Mars, and Earth of course plus there is the moon. Each planet has a ton of area to explore and each is dynamically different in looks and way to get through playable area.

Gameplay is much like any first person shooter but with emphasis on having a team to work with to get through tough areas, sometimes there is upwards of 10 or more Guardians in one area working towards one goal. The only downside to that is if you don’t have friends to play with the game becomes very difficult and boring, you’re still able to achieve without friends but it’s hard.

I would recommend this game to anyone, this game has something for everyone to enjoy. Overall this game was a great play and I couldn’t ask for much more from the God-like company Bungie.