Saving the series

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Saving the series

Cameron Yarger and Nick Kaczmarek

The latest installment of the Call of Duty series has left fans proclaiming that this game is the saving element that has redefined a series. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was published by  Sledgehammer, a company that hadn’t published a major Call of Duty yet. Fans of the series might make the connection that Sledgehammer has helped Infinity Ward, makers of the Modern Warfare series, and Treyarch, creators of the Black Ops series, make their games.

Sledgehammer has taken this game series to a height it hasn’t been to in many years. The gaming community as a whole has started to grow numb to the same old Call of Duty’s being released, but this game has almost redefined what it means to be a game in the series. The game has three different modes each tailoring to a different audience: campaign, multiplayer, and exo survival. The campaign of this game is one of the best story driven stories in the series really. It starts off showing a futuristic United States Marine Corps and them gearing up for a mission. They get put into their drop ship, which is more like a pod that holds 4 people, and are dropped into an active combat zone. From then on you’re thrown into this crazy chaotic story-line that is immensely enjoyable.

Reviewer Cameron Yarger says:

Overall this game is beyond great for my standards for Call of Duty. I had pretty much buried the series as dead after Call of Duty Ghosts came out and left me with such a bad view of the series. the franchise had been on a decline for awhile but this game was a complete 180. I always play through a games campaign, or single player, before I dive into multiplayer and this Call of Duty took me about seven hours of straight enjoyable game play to complete.

I had a much better time playing this campaign than I have for any shooting game, not just Call of Duty’s, in a very long time. The characters are developed so well it’s almost seamless the changes each characters has with each plot twist and there are tons of plot twists that even I didn’t see coming. The graphics in this game are unbelievably real on the next gen consoles, Xbox One and Playstation 4, the cut scenes are almost freaky with how real they look. The multiplayer is also very enjoyable. I have played countless hours of it and haven’t gotten mad or seen anything that can be used to break the fun of the game yet. It’s really a step forward to in customization going back to the way you created classes in Call of Duty Black Ops 1&2 and it leads to almost endless possibilities. They also have a survival mode much like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s but now with this games guns and the use of your players futuristic arsenal.

Overall this game is a MUST player for any fan of 1st person shooter games or specificly any fan of Call of Duty that has lost faith in the series because this game will surely re-light that burnt out flame. I’d recommend this game to any fan of shooter games.

Reviewer Nick Kaczmarek says:

In the past few years the latest Call of Duty games have not been the greatest. Finally we have a Call of Duty that actually keeps you hooked. This Call of Duties online play against other players will keep you going.

It’s a Call of Duty unlike gamers have seen before.  Not only is there no gun that is too over powered, but the addition of exo-skeletons keeps the games interesting. With the addition of  futuristic guns like the beam gun, which is a gun that shots beams instead of bullets and special abilities of different exo-skeletons, you have endless possibilities with what you can create for your character. Since the past few games have not been the greatest, it’s a good thing that they decided to come out with this game before thousands upon thousands of fans decided to stop playing this game.

This game over all is a great game, with fantastic graphics, game play and the new additions, this game saved Call of Duty.