Get Up to Date: Supernatural

Isabelle Echevarria, Staff Reporter

By now, chances are you’ve heard something about the CW’s TV show, Supernatural. The show is on its tenth season, and has aired more than 200 episodes!  Want to become a superfan?  Get up to date on all things paranormal as the show enters an iconic season.

The Premise – Brothers Become Demon Hunters

The show follows two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester. They grew up, raised by their father after a family tragedy that killed their mother, learning how to hunt demons, ghouls, spirits, vampires, werewolves, and different lures as they scour the country in their 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Every season is a different adventure, and they’ve grown so much from season 1’s ‘monster a week’ format. The brothers have tackled angels, leviathan, and even Lucifer himself. The cast and crew of the show have worked hard to bring a new, exciting plot that gets better and better every season.

What You Should Know – It’s all streaming, but it’s okay to jump in

Well, the first thing you should do to start your journey of becoming an avid fan, or perhaps just casual enjoy-er, is to watch! Seasons 1 -9 (every completed season) are available on Netflix, and season 10 is airing now, Tuesdays at 8 on the CW. If you want to just jump in to the show, now would be a good time (I recommend episode 200, it quickly became a fan favorite). You wouldn’t get some of the references, but they don’t seem to be working off of any past season too intensely.

Geek Out!

Every popular show with a prominent fan base has lingo that would be foreign to an outsider, and Supernatural is no different.  So, you should know some of the basic vernacular the fans understand.

Idjit: Semi-loving way of saying ‘idiot’ coined by Bobby Singer, the Winchesters’ adoptive father.  E.x.: “Ya Idjit!”

Moose: Nickname for Sam (because he’s really tall.) Ex.: “Hey, come over here, Moose.”

Trench coat: So, Castiel, the angel that the Winchester brothers befriended has worn a trench coat… EVERY single episode he’s been it, it’s kind of a stamp (and the cast/crew don’t dare try to change it). Ex.: Castiel, where is your trade-mark trench coat?”

Hunting: Hunting and hunters both refer to the act of tracking and annihilating of demons, ghosts, monsters, and anything else supernatural and harmful.

Ghostfacers: A group of amateur hunters/bloggers that Sam and Dean often make fun of, because they have no clue what they’re doing. Ex: “Have you seen the newest Ghostfacers blog? They completely messed up the hunt, and I’m pretty sure their ‘demon’ was just a cat.”

Baby: Nickname for Dean’s beloved car.. Ex.: “Dean, where is baby? I thought you parked right here.”

 “You’ve been Garthed!”: A catchphrase coined by hunter Garth when he’s had a successful mission. (The example is pretty self-explanatory.)

Favorite Moments – SPOILER ALERT!

The show is full of many exciting, memorable moments, and it’s hard to pick a definitive ‘favorites’ list, but I’ve worked through the 201 episodes that have aired at the time of my writing this, and  picked my top 5!

  1. The introductions of Castiel, and Death
  2. Sam trying to communicate with comatose Dean via Ouija board.
  3. Jensen Ackles mouthing the words and dancing to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, while still in character at the end of the episode “Yellow Fever.”
  4. When Sam and Dean walk into a high school preforming a musical based on the Carver Edlund’s book series based on their lives. Literally reacting to the soundtrack of their lives.
  5. The return of Chuck, author of the Supernatural books in the series.