Grand Theft Auto 5 blazes new trails

Grand Theft Auto 5 blazes new trails

Cameron Yarger, A&E Editor

Grand Theft Auto 5 was a record breaking game when it was released last year to the Xbox 360 and PS3 and now it has been released to the next generation of consoles. Rockstar had said last year that they would not be bringing GTA 5 to the next gen but after much backlash from the community they released a statement saying that they were working on bringing GTA to the next gen and PC.

The day finally came and it was released to the new consoles and I have to say I’m very surprised and impressed at how well they brought this together. I bought and played GTA 5 the night it came out for Xbox 360 and I was blown away by how well this game used a great balance between story, free roam, and activities to do. This game left me hooked and wanting to play more for months before I even finished the majority of things.

Now on the new console it’s even better than before. Rockstar has added a huge new feature in this game that players have been asking for a first person view for your character. This is a first person view for just about everything so you can drive in first person, fly in first person, shoot from first person. This is a huge addition that players have begged for but haven’t gotten till now.

They also did tons of graphics improvements making a game that already looked beautiful look pristine and polished. They also added all the downloadable content that was added to the Xbox 360 and PS3 to the game making all those cars you wouldn’t see driving in single player now part of your everyday experience.

I can’t state how impressed I was to play this game. My thoughts when I started playing were that it’s the same game and I’ll get bored quickly. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, while it is true that the game IS the same game with first person view the game feels like a whole new setting seen through new eyes. Sure I am doing the same missions again but I’m doing them a whole new way and from a whole new viewpoint and it makes it so much more fun. With the addition of all those cars to single player that I’m not used to seeing it brings a kind of fun back into the game as I see these cars and instantly want to drive them because before I couldn’t.

The online is also improved getting a better system and the ability to play with 30 players now in a lobby. Rockstar also lets you bring your online characters from your previous game over to the new consoles so you can keep playing with the people you’ve spent a lot of time developing.

Overall I have to say I’m glad I didn’t just throw this game to the wayside and think it was just going to be the same game over again it’s so much better with all these optimization improvements. I’d recommend that any gamer try this on the new generation of console and especially anyone that has played Grand Theft Auto 5 prior to this just so you can be amazed at how well Rockstar made an almost perfect game better.