Get Taken to the end of a great series

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Get Taken to the end of a great series

Nick Kaczmarek, Staff Reporter

The three movies in the Taken series have followed a familiar format.  Someone gets stolen, and Liam Neeson must rescue them.  In the first film, he rescues his daughter, and in the second, his wife.

The formula is broken in the third film when his wife is murdered and Neeson is framed for it.

Taken 3 was the best movie of the three due to this plot twist, the stunning graphics throughout the movie, the action packed scenes, and the continuing storyline.  Sad to say, this will be the last film in the series.

In the movie, Neeson’s character goes out for bagels and returns to find his ex-wife dead in his bed, her throat slit and a bloody knife on the floor.  Throughout the movie, Neeson is on the move, running from the cops, there one second, and gone the next.  With the master skills he has acquired over time, he must find the real killer while avoiding capture.

As Neeson runs from the police, his daughter (Maggie Grace) is keeping her everyd ay life going.  It’s not that she does not care that her mother is dead, but her father has told her to go on.  Grace’s character Kim knows that her father did not kill her mother.  She has done everything her father has told her to do, whether chugging a drink in a story or coming with him for a plan.

Everything seems to lead up to a drug dealer  (Sam Spruell) looking for revenge for a deal gone wrong.  But, in a movie like this, what is the truth?  Who is behind it all?

Taken 3 keeps you guessing until the very end.