Last of Us continues to impress

Danilo Lezza, Staff Reporter

Naughty Dog, the creator of Last of Us, has successfully taken one of the best games from PS3 and made the remastered version for the PS4. This new version has a higher frame rate and crisper colors, making this game give the gamer the feel of watching a movie while using your characters, Joel and Ellie, to fight through the addictive plot.

Joel is the character used in the majority of the time in the game. It is a third person shooter, which makes it difficult to get used to if you are a die hard first person shooter Call of Duty fan, but once you master the controls and all of the games crafting abilities, you will understand why Last of Us won game of the year.

The game starts off introducing the gamer to the plagued world, showing the zombies that lurk in every dark corner and cannibal bandits that attempt to hunt you down. The gameplay will keep you on the edge of your chair throughout, but be careful when an enemy jumps out of nowhere you might find yourself jumping off your chair.

The main plot starts off with Joel making the decision to take Ellie to the Colorado hospital to be analyzed by a group called the Fire Flys. Ellie is the only known survivor that is immune to the zombie bite. From here the two of them face numerous shoot outs. Then towards the middle of the game, while Joel is not paying attention, he is attacked and seriously injured. This cripples Joel for about an hour and a half of gameplay. During this time, 14-year-old Ellie is your new player. This is only one of many plot twists that occurs during the game making you want to keep playing all day.

Last of Us for PS3 and Last of Us Remastered for PS4 are  must play games if you enjoy violent gameplay with a storyline that will actually have you deeply invested the characters Joel and Ellie.