Neverwinter shines in PC-to-console crossover

Cameron Yarger, A&E Editor

Neverwinter, a PC-based MMORPG, has just been released to consoles for the first time.  Xbox one players were finally given the ability to play an MMO on our consoles. The best part of this game is it’s completely free! The storyline is the standard MMORPG type story, not very in depth but with tons of quests and side-quests for all kinds of awesome loot. You start as a shipwrecked person and are given the task of finding your armor and weapons. After succeeding in finding that stuff you find out the army is camped near you and they need your help. You’re then thrown into this war to save the kingdom and save everything you and the rest of the public consider to be home.

Overall this game compared to the computer version is spot on. I’ve never seen a game move from the PC to console seamlessly. Most games that are ported over end up being downgraded hugely; they get their graphics tiered down, their amount of players in a game usually cut in half, and above all usually they’re full of bugs. Neverwinter had none of those problems.  Maybe it had a couple less players in certain places but overall it’s practically the same as the PC. The graphics of this game are much like every other MMO they’re very cartoon like but in a good way, a lot like World of Warcraft.

I’d reccomend this game to any fan of Dungeons and Dragons games or any World of Warcraft fan. Overall I would say any fan of this on the computer must play it on the console, it’s so well ported and so well simplified I actually prefer the console version.