RB students predict Super Bowl outcome


Sophomore Ian Vranek posses for picture

The Super Bowl is on February 5 between the Atlanta Falcons and  New England Patriots. People have their thoughts on who is going to win, most people think that the Falcons will win it this year. Although there is still a small amount of people that think the Patriots will take it.

“I think that the Falcons will win because to me they have the best offense in football,” said Ian Vranek. Vranek also stated the final score would be Falcons 38 and Patriots 28. The MVP is thought to be Matt Ryan.

“The Falcons baby!” said Pablo Hernandez. Hernandez also thinks the final score will be Falcons 24 and the Patriots 17, and the Patriots will win the coin slip with a tails.

Sylvia Garza said that the Patriots are going to win with the final score of; Patriots 36 and Falcons 16.

Tune into the game on February 5 and see who wins.