Battlefield 1 Multiplayer and Winter Update Review


Rob Osidian

A soldier from Battlefield 1 using a flamethrower in game

Randall Haywood, Staff Reporter

Battlefield 1, which is a game developed by DICE, is available for all game consoles and PCs. This game takes place during World War I, which is where the name Battlefield 1 came from. 

A lot has changed since Battlefield 4 such as the mechanics and controls of vehicles and soldiers. The game recently had an update, and downloadable content is coming out in late March called They Shall Not Pass. If you have the premium pass you can have early access to the DLC two weeks before release.

This game is great for people who would like to experience the past. The game can also give people an idea on what might have happened during WWI and what equipment was used to defend soldiers and countries. From flamethrowers and mustard gas to sniper rifles from the 1890’s.

The controls and mechanics of the game are different from the previous Battlefield games. You can not change triggers on your controller that you shoot with, but you can change the buttons. For example; if you play on a PlayStation 4 and you want to shoot with R1 and L1 you cannot now.

It is now hard to fly the planes due to them not being as aerodynamic as the jet fighters in Battlefield 4 and the controls are different. If you’re on a PlayStation 4 you can look around by pressing and holding L3 to help look around for enemy or friendly planes.

For the update, the add-ons and fixes to glitches will be first.  The things that were added are higher ranks to weapons and classes. Weapons and class ranks can go up to level 50 now and your reward for getting to level 50 is new dog tags, and a kill card to taunt or troll your enemy or enemies you killed.

DICE has also fixed their server admin controls. Now you can ban people if they are cheating or disobeying your server’s rules if you are one of those people that hate getting repeatedly killed by a 12 gauge shotgun when it is banned. The update also includes 20 new ribbons to show your team that you are a team player and not just a stat padder who cares about their kill-death and win-loss ratio.

New camos for an eighth of the primary guns has been added. The new camo is called Elite Codex. To acquire this camo you need 500 kills and you also get 25,000 experience points.  This can help if you are chasing class ranks to unlock new items.

The good aspects of this update is that there are more camouflages to be unlocked for your primary guns and you get a lot xp for it. This update is also good for ribbon hunters who like platinum games, which means completing the game 100%. Another good thing about this is update is that now server admins can kick cheaters or someone not obeying the admin’s rules.

The worst aspect of this update is that DICE never fixed any guns that were weak in the support class. The Bar is the best light machine gun — no other light machine gun can compete with it besides the Madison Low Weight which is the second best light machine gun.