Pokemon of the Week #1: Rattata

Our pokemon of the week, Rattata (Alolan form)

Our pokemon of the week, Rattata (Alolan form)

Zackary Schejbal, Staff Reporter

Hello fellow Pokemon adventurers! This is our very first edition of Pokemon of the Week.

Our goal is to inform you on pokemon every week to help you along in your adventures of filling out the pokedex! Our first pokemon we shall visit this week is Rattata, the mouse Pokemon.

The Pokedex number of it is global Pokedex #019. As a normal type Pokemon, it is a rather common and weak Pokemon.

Our data entries say that “with their strong capacity for survival, they can live in dirty places without concern. Left unchecked, their numbers multiply rapidly.”

Rattata can evolve at level 20 into the Pokemon Raticate.

In my opinion, this Pokemon is a rather good Pokemon to start your adventure with. It’s one of the first you can encounter in the game within the wild.

Although good to start with, when you challenge the Elite Four, the last Pokemon you want on your team is a Rattata. You would be better off with a legendary Pokemon like Kyurem or Rayquaza than with Rattata or Raticate when faced against them.

But, all in all, it is a good Pokemon to start with in your adventures until after like the first gym. See you next time!