Pokemon of the Week #2: Bunnelby


Pokemon of the Week: Bunnelby

Zackary Schejbal, Staff Reporter

Hello fellow pokemon adventurers! And welcome back to Pokemon of the Week!

As you may know, pokemon of the week’s goal is to inform fellow pokemon trainers of pokemon for their adventures in the pokemon world. This week’s pokemon is Bunnelby, the digging pokemon.

The global pokedex number is #659. This pokemon is a normal type and is rather common in the Kalos region.

The pokedex entry says that “it has ears like shovels. Digging holes strengthens it’s ears so much that they can sever thick roots effortlessly.”

This pokemon evolves into Diggersby at level 20 as like rattata does to raticate.

In my opinion, this is a rather useful pokemon to a point in the game. Just like rattata, it is common in the wild of Kalos and is a weak pokemon to fighting types.

I still have great respect for the evolution, due to obtaining ground-type. But still, there is a limit it can go to.

That’s all the time we have for this week!