Pokemon of the Week #13: Squishy


Zackary Schejbal, Staff Reporter/Pokemon Expert

Welcome back, fellow Pokemon trainers! This is Pokemon of the Week!

As you may know by now, Pokemon of the Week’s goal is to inform you on Pokemon you may encounter in your travels! This week’s Pokemon is Squishy, also known as Zygarde, the Order Pokemon.

Squishy’s national pokedex number is 718. Squishy can transform into four forms, if you count the cell/core as a form.

Pokedex entries state that “Some say that it can change to an even more powerful form when battling those who threaten the ecosystem”.

Now, onto Squishy’s forms, shall we? Squishy is a simple Zygarde core, one of a hundred cells that Zygarde can use scattered across the region.

Our first form of Zygarde is the 10% form. In the shape of a dog, this is achieved when 10 Zygarde cells are found and used to form a Zygarde.

The next form is the 50% form. In the shape of a cobra-like snake with a crown on it’s neck, it is stronger than the 10% form and can use more powerful moves than the 10% form.

And finally, we come to the 100% form. Although it still looks like the 50% form, it gains a new ability called Power Construct. This ability, when below 50% health, can transform into the 100% form, which looks like a transformer-like being.

This Pokemon remains as a dragon and ground type, no matter the form. But in my opinion, he is quite a vital asset to rival the Elite Four no matter the region.

I would recommend getting the 100% Zygarde so you can survive against the Elite Four. I even have my own Zygarde with Power Construct.

That’s all we have time for this week! This has been Pokemon of the Week!