Merry Pokemas!


Zackary Schejbal, Staff Reporter/Pokemon Expert

RB.208 fm radio, 12/18/17

Sam: Welcome, fellow listeners! This is Question Corner! Our guest this week is Zackary Schejbal, lead broadcaster of the well known Pokemon of the Week!

Zack: Thank you for inviting me on the show! And welcome to those who listen to Pokemon of the Week!

Sam: Our questions for this week, since Christmas is drawing near, will be on pokemon and christmas.

Zack: So, what would you like to ask me?

Sam: Around this time, the discussion of holiday themed pokemon begins to pop up. There is much debate on what pokemon are the most christmas-y, and I’d like to know your thoughts on a specific pokemon that fits that theme?

Zack: Well, I guess it does depend on which pokemon category. If you mean by standard wild pokemon, that has been reserved for Delibird or Vanillish for sure. Legendary-wise, for sure reserved for Kyurem due to being a dragon and ice-type. I am not officially sure on event based pokemon. That will have to be found out.

Sam: I definitely agree with you on that. Delibird resembles a mini-santa claus, and there’s no question about Vanillish. Burmy and its evolution Wormadam look like mistletoe. Aside from design, the question remains of the best place to hunt for ice-types.  

Zack: Well, I guess it does depend on what you are hunting for in the ice-type pokemon and the region you are located in. If, for example, Alola is Mount Lanakila. But like let’s say the Johto region has to be the Ice Cave. It’s depended on region and the type of pokemon you’re hunting for.

Sam:  Now that we have good hunting spots, what is your favorite ice-type pokemon? Also, what is your favorite pokemon that may not be ice-type, but still fits with the theme?

Zack: Well, I will have to say that my favorite ice-type pokemon is got to be Kyurem just due to the fact of merging with Zekrom/Reshiram to form the Black/White Kyurem form. Just always been my favorite. My favorite pokemon that isn’t ice-type but related to the Christmas theme has to be Oshawott due to always being the first starter I ever chose to love and beavers do hibernate for winter but are known a bit. Maybe not as big as Santa with Delibird, but a little known.

Zackary: Now, I am interested to know what your favorite ice-type pokemon is.

Sam: My favorite ice-type pokemon would be Cryogonal. Although the pure ice-type can put it at a disadvantage, it learns great moves through level-up and TM. Solar Beam is a great example of this, as it deals 120 damage with 100% accuracy. Ice beam is great, along with status effects like Toxic and weather with Hail.

Zack: Well, you do bring up those good points. I do appreciate the time to be here to talk about a passion of mine.

Sam: Thank you so much for your time. It was a pleasure to talk to you!

Both: This has been RB.208 FM Radio, Merry Pokemas to all out there!