Pokemon of the Week #14: Xurkitree


Zackary Schejbal, Staff Editor/Pokemon Expert

Welcome back fellow Pokemon trainers to Pokemon of the Week! We are back from winter break, so let’s roll right back into it!

As you may know, Pokemon of the Week’s goal is to inform you on Pokemon you may encounter in your Pokemon travels. This week’s Pokemon is Xurkitree, the Glowing Pokemon.

This Pokemon’s national pokedex number is #796. This Pokemon is also considered as an electric-type Ultra Beast.

Pokedex entries state that “It appeared from the Ultra Wormhole. It raided a power plant, so people think that it energizes itself with electricity”.

This Pokemon does not evolve, unfortunately due to being an Ultra Beast. It has the highest special attack base of all electric-type Pokemon.

In my opinion, this Pokemon has the ability to rival the Elite Four down in the Alola Region. It is pretty lethal towards the water-type Pokemon that come face-to-face with it.

That is all we have time for this week of Pokemon of the Week. Great to be back in the swing of things!