Pokemon of the Week #19: Scraggy

Zackary Schejbal, Staff Reporter/Pokemon Expert

Hello there fellow Pokemon trainers! And welcome back to Pokemon of the Week!

As you may know by now, Pokemon of the Week’s purpose is to inform you fellow trainers on Pokemon you may encounter on your travels. This week’s Pokemon is Scraggy, the Shedding Pokemon.

National Pokedex entries state that it is #559. As a dark and fighting type Pokemon, it is a cute and fearsome Pokemon if trained right.

Pokedex entries state that “They move in small groups, walking around lazily. Anyone who makes eye contact gets smacked with a headbutt.”

Scraggy evolves at level 39 to the Pokemon Scrafty. In my opinion, I really enjoy spending time with wild Scraggy, even though they at times headbutt me.

They are good to use at lower levels and once evolved into Scrafty, it becomes more of a formidable foe. I even have a Scraggy in my daycare named Scrags.

I would recommend raising a Scraggy and fighting the Elite Four with a Scrafty. But that’s all the time we have for this week on Pokemon of the Week!