RBHS welcomes foreign exchange students

Rigo Reyes, Design Editor

This year RB is hosting two foreign exchange students who are both from France. Sidney Mompezat and Aurore Jacques are both here for the entire school year.

Both students had never been to America prior to the start of the exchange program. Neither were allowed to choose what city they would stay in but they were both excited when they found out they would be staying in a suburb of Chicago.

Mompezat decided he wanted to come to the US because he wanted to experience the life of a typical American teenager. “It’s been my dream since I was a little kid to come to the US and experience the culture,” he said.

Mompezat enjoys all his classes and is especially fond of the student teacher relationship that exists at RB. “There is a dialogue that exists in the US between the pupil and the teacher,” said Mompezat, “In France when you are in classes, you just sit down, be quiet and listen to the teacher.”

Jacques enjoys RB because of the shorter school day and the teachers. “The teachers here are less serious than in France and some of them are even funny,” said Jacques.

Both students are participating in sports this year. Mompezat plays wide receiver on the RB football team and Jacques is participating in cheerleading. “In France we don’t have a cheerleading program so I’m so glad I get the chance to cheerlead here” said Jacques.

Both students are hoping to improve their English while they are attending RB. They also hope to learn more about American customs, especially when it comes to education. “My hope is that when I go back to France I have insight on what it’s like to be a typical teenager in the US,” said Mompezat.