Man behind the mic, RB’s new voice

Vince Arvis, Staff Reporter

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First he was a Speech Champion, now he is the voice of Riverside Brookfield’s morning announcements. Zeyne Guzeldereli greets the student population over RB’s intercom every morning to deliver the morning announcements. Everything from a good morning greeting, to where the chess club will meet after school, Guzeldereli gives students the low down about what’s what at RB.

 In 2009, Guzeldereli, a junior at the time, added a new honor to his resume. He wrote and performed his own piece to perform as part of the speech team. Guzeldereli practiced and perfected his speech to the point where he was able to qualify for the state tournament. Guzeldereli not only participated in the competition, he came in first and earned the IHSA Speech State Championship title, Best Original Comedy.

 The news of the new state Champion spread quickly around the school. Both students and teachers were all impressed by this incredible feat. No one was more impressed than RB Social Studies teacher John Fields. Fields was the one who recommended Guzeldereli for the job. “He’s a state speech champion and he’s the Director of Communications here at RB. He’s more than qualified for the position,” said Fields.

Fields was the one suggested to John Passarella, Assistant Principal at RB, that Guzeldereli be the new morning announcer. Passarella and many other teachers jumped at the opportunity. They thought that it would be pleasant to hear a student’s voice deliver the morning news. Without another thought, Guzeldereli was hired for the job. “I love my job,” Guzeldereli said, “My background in speech has definitely helped me feel more confident doing what I do.”

 You can listen to Guzeldereli every morning at 8:01 a.m. throughout the RB classes and hallways. Remember, it’s great to be a bulldog!

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Man behind the mic, RB’s new voice