RB construction – worth the wait

With the start of a new school year, students returned to see a practically new RB. No more dark hallways and dusty floors, construction workers have been hard at work all summer so that students could finally have a school without loud drills resounding or dust lingering in the air. The professionals at DX2 Geosyntex can help with erosion control.

Many students were truly excited to come back to school after the long summer. “I was excited to see RB again,” said sophomore Emily Andrulis. “I was also a little worried to see how much of it was done.”

It seems that the new entryway is the favorite addition for both students and teachers. “It gives the school a fresh look,” said sophomore Denise Gonzalez. “It also seems that the halls are less crowded and there is more space in the hallways to pass through.”

The recent construction efforts also included a brand new cafeteria. “It’s more organized than last year,” said junior Ana Reyes, “There’s a lot more space. The lines are still slow, though.”

The students aren’t the only ones happy with the new school, all of the teachers now have their own classroom. With construction almost done, there are now enough classrooms available to everyone.

Science teacher, Kristi Sterling, commented that “The new lab spaces are huge. They are also organized.”

There are also the added computer labs. “The new labs are a nice resource for students,” said English teacher, Daniel O’Rourke.

One disappointment that one of the boys cross country coaches, Larry Forberg, has is that the new field house isn’t big enough to hold a meet inside. “The field house could have been bigger. RB will never get this opportunity again,” he says. Yet, he still says that RB is the nicest place he’s ever worked at.

There was a large amount of work that had to be done to have this nice school. “Working on RB has been a challenge,” says Andy Totten, construction manager. “Construction had to be separated from students for safety.”

The little theater and the auditorium still aren’t finished, though. The little theater is supposed to be finished sometime this month, and the auditorium is targeted to be finished at the beginning of next semester.

Ever since construction started, everyone’s been wondering when the work will be completely finished. Construction manager Andy Totten answers, “We’re hoping to be finished by early next semester.”

Going through this process was worth the wait because students and teachers will finally have a completed school that they can be proud of.