RB’s newest club:Improv Club

On Wednesday September 23rd, senior Zeyne Guzeldereli brilliantly demonstrated the fine craft that is improv acting in front of members of RB’s Improv Club.

Improv Club is one of RB’s newest clubs this year and has already accumulated a respectable amount of members. The club has had two meetings so far and 35 students attended the first meeting.

The club was started by fine arts teacher Melissa Briskman. Last year the club was known as Drama Club but Briskman and members of the club decided to change the name and the activities of the club.

“We felt that changing the name helped the club sound more upbeat and fun. As a result turnout has increased,” said Guzeldereli.

The club meets every Wednesday at 3:10 in the forum room. Improv Club meetings consist of acting games similar to those seen on the popular t.v show Whose Line Is It Anyway and improv acing lessons for less experienced members.

Along with the club there is an improv acting troupe that consists of 8-10 members. In order to be on the troupe members of the club must audition. The troupe meets every Wednesday right after the Improv Club meeting.

The troupe is plan to put on a performance in the little theatre in December and again sometime in the spring.

Improv Club welcomes students from all grade levels to join the club and no prior acting experience is required.