Volley for life

Breast cancer attacks over two hundred thousand woman every year. Though it’s 100 times more likely for women to get breast cancer, guys can get it to. This is one of the reasons why RB takes part in The Volley for the Cure. Elizabeth Fredlund, the head coach of RB’s girls freshman volley ball team said,” Volley for the Cure is an important event to raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. The volley ball program is raising funds for cancer research & awareness. The girls are enjoying participating and working together to help this worthy cause.”

This is the second annual Volley for the Cure RB has taken a part of and they plan to do this for many years to come. The actual game is on Wednesday October 21st at Morton East. The admission is five bucks for the game and all proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The game starts at five o’clock and all levels of RB and Morton girls volleyball will be participating. Though they may be the only teams in this tournament they are not the only high schools who do Volley for the Cure.

The main reason for Volley for the cure is to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This foundation is helping trying to find the cure for breast cancer. “I think women with breast cancer should be helped an collaborated to: and I like helping a cause like Volley for the Cure,” said Freshman Stephanie Lanbruschin .

RB is going to raise money by doing a few things. They are going to sell long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts. The long sleeves will be thirteen dollars and the short sleeve will be ten dollars. The shirts are going to be black with pink writing on it. You can buy one from Mr. Bonarigo at room 208 staring on October 19th.

RB is also having a bake sale form October 19-21 all lunches. They will be selling cookies, brownies, cupcakes, rice krispy treats and puppy chow. So bring some extra money to school on the 19th through the 21st. not only are you helping out breast cancer your also getting something yummy.

We are also doing pledges for serves. This is when people donate a certain amount of money per every serve the girl does. They are going to have every girl serve so they can all help raise money.

So come show your support to this worthy cause and to the RB’s girl volleyball teams on October 21st.  To learn more about either breast cancer or the foundation go to www.komen.org.