Football lives on in pickup games

Ted Radek, Staff Reporter

On November 7, the second week of Indian Garden’s football kicked off. This group of 11 Bulldogs and one friar engaged in some hardcore football, even drawing blood. The students used the lines from a soccer field as boundaries with goal lines marked off by cones.

The teams were picked by Captains Vince Varbaro and Ted Radek. Team Bag-o-Donuts consisted of Varbaro, Alex Kavouriaris, Christian Hitt, Paul Beckett, Ian Robertson, and Tommy Gilbert. Team Tommy D consisted of Ted Radek, Tommy Doherty, Ben Johnson, Jeremy Fong, Ivan Garcia, and Alex Magdic.

The game kicked off around 2 o’clock with a lot of miscommunication because of two touchdowns in three plays. The Kavouriaris and Hitt connection was seemingly unbeatable with four touchdowns through the air. Hitt was clearly the sleeper in this draft – second to last pick.

Although the defense was rocky at first, Bag-o-Donuts picked up in the end with big tackles out of Robertson and Beckett. Robertson Kavouriaris both had rushing touchdowns as well.

Despite Bag-o-Donuts effort it was no match for Team Doherty’s wildcat offense. With  Doherty taking the snaps, lead blocking by Radek and Johnson, the run game was truly unbeatable. Doherty had a career day with six rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown.

But the play of the day must be credited to Magdic forcing Beckett to fumble going into the end zone. That takeaway set up the game winning pass-and-catch between Doherty and Garcia for a Team Doherty victory 7-6.