Arcade building mural underway

Danielle Sanchez, Staff Reporter

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If you’ve seen the large murals on the second floor of the new entrance, you’ve seen the artwork of the many students who are working to preserve an old building. The building they are trying to save is the Arcade Building which is located in downtown Riverside.

When threats to the building came in September of 2009, the village of Riverside contacted RB. With RB Fine Arts Department Chair, Jon Grice, more than willing to participate, the artists prepared to take on the huge challenge which lay before them – devising a plan to save the historic building.

With this project, serious help is needed. Many middle schools have been volunteering their time to come out and paint murals which will cover the boarded windows of the arcade building. Two particular schools that have joined the effort are Hauser and St. Mary’s.

When asked what has come from the mural project, Gric said “Just the fact that community has stayed together, and is working on completing this huge community project.”

The mural is filled with images centered around the town of Riverside and the four seasons. The themes all come together and represent the passing of time in Riverside. With what participating students call the “friendly giants”, the large mural promises to be something remarkable that everyone will be able to enjoy.

The targeted completion date is November 21st. On this date, the mural will be attached to the Arcade Building and put up for the Holiday Stroll, an annual Riverside event.

With brilliant colors and fascinating details, this is something that no one should miss.

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Arcade building mural underway