Support groups reach out

Students from RB have been having trouble with many different things from money issues, coping with loss, alcohol, drugs, etc. RB’s guidance counselors and social workers have put together many different support groups for these kids to help them deal with everything going on in their lives.          

The different groups each meet for 6-8 weeks. Students who participate in the groups are pulled out of one class each week. If they are in the group for more than one session, they will not miss the same class because the social workers do not want them missing too much of one class.

The specific groups available at RB are: Children of Alcoholics (or other drugs), Drug and Alcohol Prevention Education Classes, Recovery Support, Coping with Loss, Family Changes, Job Loss, First Generation College Bound, ADDvantage, New Student Support, and Girls/Guys Discussion.

Job loss is the most recent group they have created to help kids. Because of the most recent economy, kids are now worrying about their futures. Whether they can afford to go to college, stay where they are living, and even asking their parents if they can borrow a few dollars. It’s a hard time and this group really helps a lot of kids out.

The support groups are available to anyone that wants help. The groups are small, and each have about 5-8 students in them to allow students to feel more comfortable sharing with one another. Counselor, Christine Sutton says that while sharing their problems with the other kids, “they realize they aren’t alone.” She also says that the students offer great advice to one another. Sutton also says that it “gives [them] a chance to put their words to feelings.”

Confidentiality is a huge part of these groups. They don’t let anything get out. These groups have been offered for many years. As the years go on, they have even added groups that fit the times.