“A-Listers” come to RB

Over the month of December, RBTV students were all required to participate in RBTV’s hit show “The A-List.” The A-list consists of a student interviewing a relatively famous person in the Chicago land area with name recognition.

Every advance television production student has the responsibility to contact someone with a reputation in Chicago and put together a 15 minute long interview with them in the RBTV studio.

This in itself is a very difficult undertaking. Students had about three weeks to make their phone calls and send their endless streams of e-mails until they finally managed to lock in their individual guests and prepare for showtime.

The interview itself has to last for at least fifteen minutes although it is allowed to go longer if needed. The focus of the interview is all about the “A-Lister” and their profession.

This project proved to be a great learning experience for students hoping to gain some background in “networking” and securing contacts with people. Among the prestigious line-up of guests who visited the RBTV studio for the A-list were Dick Johnson from NBC 5 and Ben Collins-Sussman a programmer from Google inc.

All of the A-list interviews will soon be asscesible online at rbtv.tv and, of course, on RBTV channel 16 – your educational network.