Staying green through the cold

As we are well aware by now, winter is upon us. Unfortunately, we have reached the point when the holiday fun has faded away and we’re still stuck in the cold.  This winter, why not become environmentally conscious? I know it’s not as easy to picture the effects your actions have when everything is covered in snow, but come spring, you’ll feel great that you took some steps in your life to keep our planet healthy.

Even though you’re feeling cold, try to avoid cranking up the heat. Instead, grab a blanket and a hot drink and bundle up. At night, wear tons of blankets and you’ll feel totally fine. That one degree of heat, say between 70 and 71 degrees, really does make a difference in being green. Parents love it when their heating bills aren’t that expensive, and you’ll be saving energy in the process.

Try to walk to school occasionally. Set a goal for one day a week. Watch the weather and choose the day that promises to be the least cold. Or, try carpooling. You can definitely save gas and money while being green at the same time.

If you carry a hot drink to school in the morning, consider bringing it in a reusable mug or thermos. Not only will you look studious and stylish, but you will be saving the paper and plastic used to make disposable cups.

All in all, winter drags on far longer than it really should. We need to protect our environment for the spring and summer to come. Follow these tips and not only will you be happy when spring rolls around, but you’ll feel great right now that you’re helping our planet stay green.