Student Initiates Haiti Relief Effort

After catastrophe struck Haiti, many organizations sprang into action to provide relief for the people affected by the hurricane.  One RB senior decided to join in on the cause, proving that one person really can make a difference.

 “When I heard what happened, I was inspired to help,” said senior Brianna Dudek, “I went to SA to get help in starting a fundraiser.”

 Dudek went to a morning meeting held by SA and proposed her idea to collect money that would go to UNICEF, an organization that is committed to helping and protecting children, specifically of developing countries. 

 Dudek worked with SA, NHS, and other volunteers to collect money during all lunches for an entire week.  Students were able to sign up to either sit at a table during lunch or walk around with the jars.

 “SA is always a good way to get things heard,” said SA President Kelly Sherman, “We have a lot experience with raising money for good causes.”

 Dudek’s inspiration to help Haiti allowed RB to collect over $700 for the cause.

 “It was great to have the school come together to help out people who are less fortunate,” said Dudek.