Canoe trip brings students closer to nature

Every year, the SEE team at RBHS goes on a trip down to New Orleans where students actively work to help restore wetlands. This year however, SEE team coordinators are planning on going on a trip to Minnesota where they will be embarking on a canoe expedition. This canoe trip will last for a total of six days and the students involved will be participating in many different activities during that time.

The trip itself will take place from June 26-July 1 after the 2009-10 school year has already concluded. The students will be driven to Ely, Minnesota by the RB mini-buses. It is in Ely that the trip will truly begin.

Although the canoe trip in itself is an exciting opportunity, some may wonder why the SEE team is breaking with tradition and no longer going to New Orleans.

In answer to this question, English teacher, Jennifer Waldock, said  “We have gone [to New Orleans] for three years and wanted to offer a new experience to our students. This is not to say we will never go back there or do a similar trip, but we wanted to explore our options.”

All in all, 21 students will be given the opportunity to attain a greater appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Unlike the New Orleans trip, the canoe expedition will challenge students both mentally and physically. The trip will consist of canoeing 50 miles and camping in different locations each night. This will make the students of RB leave the comforts of their home and rough it for a couple of nights. No cell phones will get reception, and iPods will not be allowed. There will also be no easy access to showers or bathrooms. This trip is all about the outdoors, being one with nature. Hopefully the students of RB will make the transition well.