“Gleeks” live dream

RB is packed with students who simply idolize the Glee team members, never miss an episode, and are capable of performing at least one of Glee’s songs in any way imaginable. These people are known as “Gleeks”. Starting this spring, Gleeks and other RB students who are passionate about performing arts will be offered a chance to audition for RB’s very own Glee Team.

After the Fox TV show released in 2009, people have been obsessing over the very idea of creating a dancing/singing/performing group in their own high school. Finally, the music department at RB is making this dream come true.

Starting April 20th, auditions will be held in the choir room for anyone who has a musical talent. RB’s Glee Team will resemble Spring sports; the activity will meet every day after school in the choir room and be coached by Musical Instructor, Diane Marelli—also a genuine Gleek.

Students will practice singing popular show tunes and dances they choreographed as a team. They will also learn sight-reading and how to strengthen their skills in music composition.

Auditions in the choir room will involve a performance that can be anything from playing a unique instrument, dancing, singing, or all of the above. Mrs. Marelli must approve of the song before auditioning which is why sign-up sheets will be posted near the choir room in the beginning of April.

Depending on how many students audition, RB’s Glee Team will allow the club to consist from ten to twenty members. They will start with organizing which students will be leads and which members will be backups. Then the team will be able to have a say in deciding which song it should learn. They will first learn to sing it then gradually work their way towards choreography. Members who also play instruments will be able to participate.

Mrs. Marelli isn’t sure when RB’s Glee Team will be ready to perform but when it does; it will be in a separate concert for hopefully two nights in a row for audiences who want to experience Glee beyond the TV screen.

If successful, this club will continue next year during the spring season as well. Hopefully by then, RB’s Glee Team will be able to expand and possibly perform in outer-school festivals in the community.