Top 5 summer programs at RB

Top 5 Summer School Courses to take:

This is an overview of five classes that students should take advantage of during their summer break. Some classes are required to take and others are just fun and a good experience. Here are the top five classes that students at RBHS should take during the three month summer break.

5. Health:

When: June 21- July 13, Monday- Friday

Who: Sophomores

All sophomores are required to take this class, which lasts a half-semester if taken during the school year. The benefit of taking this class during the summer is that it opens up a slot during the school year which can be used for a study hall or an elective. This can really help a sophomore who is taking a rigorous schedule and needs a study hall. Health is typically a fairly easy class, so not a lot of homework is given during the summer.

4. Summer Television Workshop

When: June 21-25

Who: Incoming Freshman

This is a fun class for incoming freshman who are interested in television and being involved in RBTV. The class gives lots of hands-on learning experience to these students who want to know what it is like to work in TV. This is a fun class, and is a must for any student that wants to work in RBTV and wants to know about this technology. It is only a one week class, so it is not very time consuming.

3. Workshop Courses (Photography, Ceramics, Mural or Theatre)

When: Classes vary between June and July, either for one or two weeks

Who: Any high school student

These courses are fun introductions to the class that can be taken in high school. These classes are not for credits like health is, but are still good experiences. If students really like these workshops, they can continue to take them in high school. Photography and ceramics are very popular at RB, so these classes might fill up fast. These are classes that could lead to a career in those fields. They cost $30-$50, so they are not that expensive.

2. Camp College

When: June 16, 17 and 18

Who: Incoming seniors

Camp College will help and seniors that need information or are just unsure of the college process as a whole. It will also help students decide which type of college is right for them and how to deal with applications to colleges. This is not a required class or necessarily a fun class, but it will help with the senior process. Researching colleges, ACT/SAT help, and “Make the college match” are all parts of Camp College. Mrs. Hubbuch is the instructor for the course.

1. Fine Arts Survey

When: June 21-July 13

Who: Any RB student

Like Health, Fine Arts Survey is a required course for every student at RB. It teaches each of the four Fine Arts classes: art, dance, music, and drama. This can be a fun class if you like one or more of the following fine arts. It is something that every student has to do, but taking this course during the summer can be very beneficial. A study hall can be taken its place or an extra course that you need to take to graduate. The cost of this course is $150 plus a $25 lab fee, but it will help for the future.