Spread the Word to End the Word

Kate Abbatacola, Content Editor

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Spread The Word to End the Word is a national campaign that was started to stop the derogatory use of the word “retarded” and to eliminate it from everyday speech.  This year, Best Buddies decided to spread awareness of the movement to the RB community by holding an official End the R-word Day at the end of March.

 The Best Buddies officers and other members of the club filmed a promotional commercial for RBTV, which was shown at school for a day during all English classes. The message was to encourage the school community to eliminate the use of the r-word and to promote a new r-word: Respect.

 “The campaign to end the r-word sparked a lot of discussion,” said Best Buddies sponsor Mari Mortensen, “We learned that many students have been hurt by stereotypes and offensive labels.”

 Schools all over the country have also helped spread the word by making banners for students and teachers to sign in order to pledge commitment to stop the use of the r-word.  The Best Buddies Chapter at RB received over 300 pledges during the two days in which a banner was set up in the school cafeteria.

 During the month of March, the goal of the national campaign was to receive 100,000 pledges.  With the help of many who feel strongly about this movement, that goal was met.

 Anyone wishing to take the pledge may do so at

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Spread the Word to End the Word