Seniors, it’s Prom time

On May 21st it’s going to be every girl’s dream and every boy’s nightmare because it is prom time.  While many Bulldogs may be looking forward to Prom, it requires a lot of preparation.  So, what do you need to do/have in order to be ready for prom?

Some students look to family to help them pick out the right style.

Alberto Cotto said, “I’m going to every store with my dad to find the right outfit to wear. The process is really stressful. But all in all it’s going to be the best dance I’ve ever been to. Plus I’m going to be the flyest person there.”

Others aren’t feeling the heat yet.  Shaquita Slater said, “I’m in the midst of shopping right now, but for the most part I’m ready.”

Even the smallest detail can cause stress to an eager Prom-goer.  Donnie Taylor said, “I’m searching for suits, but I can’t find the right color I want to wear.”

For some, accessories can prove to be the stumbling block.  Tiffany Anton said, “I got my dress but I’m looking for shoes and working on getting my hair done.”

Regardless, most Prom-attendees know that the end result will be worth the stress of getting ready.  Nicole Klucina said, “I’m so ready for this night. I’ve been dreaming for this night since freshman year. I got everything ready and I can’t wait for prom.”